Though I'm a fair programmer with PHP, javascript and HTML, I always use Forms-to-Go whenever I'm doing any type of form processing, because it's faster and usually better than anything I could hand-code in the same amount of time (I especially love and use the reCaptcha implementation). I've been using this program for over 3 years, and it's always saved my bacon when deadlines are tight. I have to say that it's best software purchase I've ever made.


Your product is easy to use and after a little experimenting with the preferences the form worked flawlessly. We all really secretly hate to code and "Forms to Go" makes people think were coders. Shhh... don't tell anyone.


I've used Forms to Go for several years as part of our online conference registration. Our registration forms and the code FTG produces from them are the first thing our attendees see. FTG makes it possible to validate information as we collect it, and capture it exactly as our attendees entered it. We've been able to create a polished, robust front end that is appealing and responsive, but just as importantly gives us accurate information in a form we can access directly.

Of course, FTG isn't the whole story; there's a lot of supporting code that makes everything work. However, with FTG we've been able to add features to the front end that we wouldn't even dream of considering. We provide a customized collection of email attachments for various categories of attendees. We notify various people in our administrative group when various categories of attendees register. Implementing these features simply wouldn't be practical without an application like FTG to do the heavy lifting.

And finally, thank you to your tech support folks, who seem to have a solution for my every problem before I even get my fingers off the keyboard. They've expertly guided me through some of FTG's more obscure functionality and often suggested ways to modify code to get the behaviour I want. This is service above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you again.


Incredible piece of software! Costs very little for what it is. Perfect to use, very stable...scripts work EVERY TIME! I bought it and was blown away with the features it gives. Has paid itself back with the first script i made with it for a client's website. Absolute perfection.
From Andrew


FORGET customizing premade scripts. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I spent hours...not days, trying to get other peoples scripts to work with my specific setup. win2k/apache/activeperl/sendmail. THIS TOOK 2 minutes!! i am definitly going to pay for this software even though the trial is great.


This is the first time I've ever written a software company to rave about their software. I'm a web developer working on projects that include fortune 500 companies. I don't think I've ever used a nicer piece of software than "Forms To Go." I use to write a lot of this code by hand but your software is almost too easy! Great job.


I just had to tell you that I spent DAYS banging my head against the wall trying to figure out and modify some forms I inherited from a previous designer. I then found Forms To Go, gave it a whirl and EUREKA! It works!! I'm so excited. Thanks for helping me to rebuild my delusions of adequacy. :-)


We LOVE your form software - It's the best we've ever used in terms of reliability and ease of setup. Forms to go is the best software investment we have ever made.

PLUS their technical support is amazing. Buy this now before they come to their senses and triple the price!


You guys have outdone yourselves!! I just downloaded the newest version of Form To Go and I am very impressed. It is so full featured and elegant and the help files are wonderful. Like so many others, I am getting hit with terrible amounts of spam through my forms and the forms of my clients. Forms To go has given me a way to combat that. 

I could go on and on...thanks so much for all the added features!!


I just purchased "Form to Go" and wanted to let you know how excited I am. I've been working all day searching for a mailto cgi script or anything to be honest that would process my online forms. I watched the demo on your site ... downloaded the free trial and installed it. I did a quick form with two fields as my test and went perfect. After doing a small victory dance opened my internet explorer and purchased the product.

Thank you so much!


You are AWSOME! I am a graphic designer for print media with very little knowledge of programming or website design.

I purchased your program today and created PHP script to use with an html form (created in Dreamweaver) that required the information to be sent to several emails and include a user attached photo.

I had a little problem at first (I even sent you a help request) but it was because of my server, GoDaddy, required Linux based hosting to use PHP. Once I changed that -- your script WORKED PEFECTLY!!!!

I know I will use your program a lot in the future and I look forward to updates. THANKS for making the easy for a lay person to setup.


Forms to go has saved me £100's in developers' fees in just a few weeks. I run my own small business site, and FTG has allowed me to put totally customised enquiry & feedback forms on my site easily and quickly, with detailed implementation of data dumps, client & owner email formatting. The program is well thought out in every way, and about as simple to use as it could possibly be. I cannot recommend it more highly.
Leon Berrange, Voxbox, London


Just want to thank you for your continuing support of this "must have" product. I can't tell you how many hours this has saved me in developing for my client's sites. The UI works well, and the generated code (PHP in my case) is clean and easy to tweak for special projects. I've been using Forms To Go forever, and have recommended it to other developers countless times.


I just wanted to say how much I rate FormsToGo. It's saved me literally hours of work and functions really well. I've been using FormsToGo now for several years and have recommended it so often. It's been an absolute Godsend. Keep up the good work guys!


I just purchased Forms2go and run the Mac version. I have used Phorm for many years and it's been OK, but Forms2go is a huge improvement! I've tried other form processors, but your beats all of them, hands down. Using Forms2Go, I had my first form up and running in 10 minutes. It simply could not be easier to use. Just wanted to compliment you guys on this software. Great job.


Download Version 4.5.4 (All in One Installer: Free Trial, Full Version, Upgrade)


Before downloading and installing Forms To Go 4.5.4, check that your license has not expired as of March 7, 2011 in Forms To Go application under About Forms To Go > Licenses. If your license has expired, purchase another year of updates to stay current.