Main window where field validation is set on any desired field name

The settings for the email delivery are hardcoded in the script for security

The body of the message can be text, HTML or multipart text & HTML

Dumping the field values to a MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access and Text files is easy

PHP settings for your web server

ASP settings for your web server

Perl settings for your web server


Download Version 4.5.4 (All in One Installer: Free Trial, Full Version, Upgrade)


Before downloading and installing Forms To Go 4.5.4, check that your license has not expired as of March 7, 2011 in Forms To Go application under About Forms To Go > Licenses. If your license has expired, purchase another year of updates to stay current.


I just purchased Forms2go and run the Mac version. I have used Phorm for many years and it's been OK, but Forms2go is a huge improvement! I've tried other form processors, but your beats all of them, hands down. Using Forms2Go, I had my first form up and running in 10 minutes. It simply could not be easier to use. Just wanted to compliment you guys on this software. Great job.