This is a video tutorial on how easy is to create a form to email script with Forms To Go, customized for your HTML forms, with no programming required:


Download Version 4.5.4 (All in One Installer: Free Trial, Full Version, Upgrade)


Before downloading and installing Forms To Go 4.5.4, check that your license has not expired as of March 7, 2011 in Forms To Go application under About Forms To Go > Licenses. If your license has expired, purchase another year of updates to stay current.


You guys have outdone yourselves!! I just downloaded the newest version of Form To Go and I am very impressed. It is so full featured and elegant and the help files are wonderful. Like so many others, I am getting hit with terrible amounts of spam through my forms and the forms of my clients. Forms To go has given me a way to combat that. 

I could go on and on...thanks so much for all the added features!!