This is a video tutorial on how easy is to create a form to email script with Forms To Go, customized for your HTML forms, with no programming required:


Download Version 4.5.4 (All in One Installer: Free Trial, Full Version, Upgrade)


Before downloading and installing Forms To Go 4.5.4, check that your license has not expired as of March 7, 2011 in Forms To Go application under About Forms To Go > Licenses. If your license has expired, purchase another year of updates to stay current.


I've used Forms to Go for several years as part of our online conference registration. Our registration forms and the code FTG produces from them are the first thing our attendees see. FTG makes it possible to validate information as we collect it, and capture it exactly as our attendees entered it. We've been able to create a polished, robust front end that is appealing and responsive, but just as importantly gives us accurate information in a form we can access directly.

Of course, FTG isn't the whole story; there's a lot of supporting code that makes everything work. However, with FTG we've been able to add features to the front end that we wouldn't even dream of considering. We provide a customized collection of email attachments for various categories of attendees. We notify various people in our administrative group when various categories of attendees register. Implementing these features simply wouldn't be practical without an application like FTG to do the heavy lifting.

And finally, thank you to your tech support folks, who seem to have a solution for my every problem before I even get my fingers off the keyboard. They've expertly guided me through some of FTG's more obscure functionality and often suggested ways to modify code to get the behaviour I want. This is service above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you again.