Forms To Go - User's Guide

A simple tool to create HTML form processors

Forms To Go creates scripts in PHP, ASP and Perl to process HTML forms made by the user. By sending form-field values via email, Forms To Go allows information to be stored in databases and more.

Programming knowledge is not required to create scripts. All you need to do is use Forms To Go to load the HTML form and specify the actions the script should perform. After filling in some parameters, you will have a fully functional script that will process your HTML forms when you use Forms To Go.

Visit the Change Log for more information on new features for this current release. On the trial period, Forms To Go has limited features. Click here for more information on how to buy Forms To Go after trying it.


About Forms To Go and this user's guide

Forms To Go is not a web page design tool. The HTML form must be previously designed using any other web design software. Once you have designed the form, you can create the script in PHP, ASP and Perl by using Forms To Go.

Forms To Go is try before you buy. We invite you to download the application to experience the beneits prior to making the purchase of Forms To Go.

• This user's guide for Forms To Go shows screen snapshots for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows versions. All function and application screens are identical for both platforms.

Bebosoft, Inc produces Forms To Go. Before releasing, this software has been comprehensively tested with no errors found in its operation or in resulting PHP, Perl or ASP scripts. If any error is found, a solution will be developed into a new version of Forms To Go, which will be published. Visit Forms To Go section in our web site to get information on recent updates.

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