Company Profile

After many years of experience developing customized software solutions and modules for websites, we started Bebosoft, Inc. in 2003 to offer some of the tools we used every day to help web designers and developers create dynamic websites.

We released Forms To Go in April 2003 and it quickly became very popular. It reaffirmed our perception that there was a need to solve a problem that web designers with no programming knowledge were experiencing: many good free scripts on the web, but they required somekind of technical knowledge in order to configure them. Also, as the internet evolved, the scripts required upgrades to handle spam, form hijacking and more.

Then, we focused on another similar tool to create web surveys: just fill in the blanks and get your web survey script ready. Its name is Mediata Survey and was released on September 2005.

From that moment we have been improving our software and working on customizations for customers. We have been working on other tools we use to help web designers publish dynamic content on the web and we expect to publish them soon.

We're located in the warm South Florida, in the city of Plantation, which is in the Ft. Lauderdale area.